Join or Renew Memberships Early!

Membership dues are $25.00 per year per person. This allows each member to get into 6 shows that will be held in the calendar year for $5.00 admission per show.

To print out our Membership Form click PDF Format or DOC format.

When you see that your membership renewal date coming up in the near future you can go ahead and renew it early if you don't want a break in your membership. Just show your card to the volunteers at the membership table and they will renew your membership for a year from that date.

Please do not mail in your membership form if you are coming to our monthly shows regularly. Just renew it at the table when you enter the show.

Some members have to mail the form in because they are out of state and still want to receive the newsletter and be kept informed of local events. In those cases we fill out their membership card and leave it for them at the admissions table. There is no other place for a member to use their card. If they will eventually come to a show they can pick up their card. If they never come to a show there is no reason to waste postage to send them a membership card.