Jam/Fests Photos - August 27, 2022

The Heartland-Southwest Jam Band
Dan Wyatt-Mandolin, Julie Shelman-Bass Guitar,
Steve Hurst-Fiddle, Carol Held-Mandolin, Brian Hartleib-Guitar,
V Go-Mandolin, Larry Patitucci-Upright Bass.

Highway 41 South
Mark Horn, Donnie Harvey, Tammy White, Clint Dockery
and David Beaumont

Highway 41 South On Stage
Clint Dockery-Fiddle, Donnie Harvey-Banjo, Mark Horn-Mandolin,
Tammy White-Upright Bass, Dave & Nathan Beaumont-Guitars.

"Karins Kitchen" - Karin Campbell & Gerri Milner

The Admissions Table - Irene Phillips & Jim Held

Our Past President (Heartland) - Dave Cowles-At The Mixer