Jam/Fests Photos - November 19, 2022

Heartland-Southwest Jam Band
Carol Held-Mandolin, Carol Schmule-Fiddle, V Go-Mandolin,
Bob Barrett-Banjo, Brian Hartleib-Guitar, George Hausser-Guitar,
and Larry Patitucci-Upright Bass are among the large turn out
for the Jam Band.

James Rogers and Blue Cypress
Elbert Wilson-Guitar, Jeff Cisco-Fiddle, Jim Marshall-Bass,
Alby Lopez-Mandolin and James Rogers-Banjo

Southern Express
Ron Rimmer-Banjo, Jimmy DiSabito-Bass, Steve Durrwachter-Fiddle,
Larry Jackson-Guitar, Dan Smith-Mandolin and Keith Tew-Guitar

Brian Hartlieb
Our talented soundman